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Maya N.

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About Maya

I am a young, married stay at home mom of three young children.  I grew up in the city of Memphis, TN where I attended Cordova High School.  Throughout my years in high school, I ran track and field and cross country.  After graduating high school, I moved to Knoxville, TN where I obtained an Associate’s Degree in Chemistry from Pellissippi State Community College and a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville.  

I have experienced depression for most of my life.  I first experienced depression when I was ten years old.  Growing up in a household where we did not regularly mention depression and did not always speak about mental health, I never felt inclined to speak about how I was feeling and what I was thinking.

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A mother, wife, author, illustrator, blogger and so much more, you are sure to find inspiration and motivation through a blog of perspectives directly from her words! 

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